In the 11th century, when the Byzantine Empire ruled the eastern Mediterranean nations, the rising power of the Turks posed a constant threat to their territories in the Middle East.

By the 12th century, invading Seljuk Turks from Baghdad had gained control over much of Asia Minor (modern-day Turkey). As invading Muslim forces clashed with the Christian people of Anatolia, God prepared the heart of one, a young girl, who would change the course of history for her nation.


My story takes place in the land of Anatolia, long, long ago.

04-2a-magic-cloaksMy parents called me Moonlight, because, they said, my eyes had a special and soft shine to them. I was brought up in a loving family, where the simple pleasures of life were precious.

When I was 17 years old, our peaceful region was invaded. My parents were taken captive, and I was taken to the city of Konya, to the sultan’s court (sultan a ruler of a Muslim kingdom). It was devastating to see my parents being led away by the soldiers, yet there was something that kept me from fearing, something that my captors were not able to suppress.

04-1a-magic-cloaksI had a strong faith in God, and I loved my dear King Jesus more that anyone else on earth. I had learned, from the time I was a little child, that all things work together for good to them that love the Lord. So although I was very distressed, I knew that my dear Jesus was going to work everything out, and that if I stayed close to Him, He would take care of me.

As I was led away with my hands bound behind my back, I silently prayed for my beloved parents, that my Jesus would keep them safe through this difficult time.

It was late when we arrived at the palace. I was led into a small room, and soon I heard the key turn in the door, and the steps of the soldiers disappearing down the long hall. Then I was alone in the dark and quiet night. I was tired, and I could do nothing else but lay down on the hard bench, and say a prayer for my loved ones and for safekeeping through the night. Then I fell into a deep sleep.

That night I had the most beautiful dream–or was it a dream? Out of my deep sleep I felt a soft touch on my forehead, and as I opened my eyes I saw the most beautiful sight. There stood a dazzling, tall, handsome angel. He had large outspread wings and golden hair. I looked into his beautiful loving eyes, and though he didn’t utter a word, I could hear his deep, soft voice clearly saying, “Moonlight, dear, you have been given a special mission to fulfill for your kingdom, and I am to be your helper and guide. Though there will be times of great turmoil and difficulties, don’t fear. I will give you four cloaks of protection, that you may avail yourself of in time of need.”

04-3a-magic-cloaksSuddenly in his right hand appeared four shimmering cloaks of light. On the first one was embroidered in golden strands the word “Love.” On the second one, “Praise and Thankfulness.” On the third the word, “Obedience” and on the fourth, “Faith.”

I reached out my hand to take these cloaks, and the angel looked deep into my eyes. Speaking to my heart, he said, “There is one thing you must do before the power of these cloaks can take effect. You must take the first step.” And then … he was gone.

* * *

                When I woke up the next morning, everything looked so much brighter. I could hardly wait to see what was going to happen next. I looked around the room, almost expecting to see the four cloaks hanging over the chair; it had all been so real. Though I did not see them, somehow I knew that this had been more than a dream. I remembered how my father had always taught me that “faith is the hand that reaches out to receive,” so I believed that the cloaks would be there whenever I needed them; I just had to reach out and take the first step.

I was suddenly jerked out of my thoughts by the sound of a key turning in the lock. The door swung open and in stepped a plump woman, well along in years. She said she had come to prepare me to be brought before the sultan, along with many other young women, so he could choose who he wanted to have as a personal slave in his court. The woman said the sultan wanted someone pleasant to the eye, someone who could bring him his clothes, food and drinks, and be there whenever he called.

The woman looked as though she felt sorry for me. She walked with tired steps, and I could hear her deep sigh as she turned and bade me come to the women’s quarters. I silently prayed for an opportunity to comfort this overworked and unhappy woman and tell her of my Jesus who could bring her joy and peace in her heart.

I looked around the big room they called the “Women’s Quarters.” About 30 other young women were being groomed to appear before the sultan for his choosing. I was bathed in perfumed water and dressed in a silken gown. My face was painted, and my long hair arranged in an elaborate style. When I looked in the large oval mirror, I could hardly recognize myself and felt rather uncomfortable in all these fancy, unfamiliar trimmings.

Then I was led, with all the other young women, towards the sultan’s throne hall. We approached two massive wooden doors, beautifully and intricately carved. Two guards opened the doors and someone announced our arrival. The throne hall appeared enormous, and I felt most uncomfortable walking through the long aisle with all eyes staring at us. Many of the young women with me looked fearful and nervous. I wanted to give each of them a comforting word or touch, but I had a strong feeling that it was best to stay in line. I prayed for the Lord to take control, and instantly felt more at ease.

Finally, my turn came to stand in front of the sultan’s throne. A soldier motioned for me to kneel down. I didn’t dare lift my face until I heard the sultan’s rough voice commanding me to stand up and slowly turn around, so that he could see me. I stood up and slowly turned around, and I could hear people quietly talking amongst themselves, commenting how pretty I was, and how beautiful my hair was. This came as a surprise to me, as I had not been brought up to look at myself in that way. The sultan looked at me with approval in his eyes, and whispered something to his counselor who was standing next to him.

I was then led out, still not knowing whether the sultan had accepted me or not. The soldiers led me back to my little room, where I quietly waited to see what would happen next. After a short while, the older woman returned to my room and again bade me follow her. We walked through many long hallways until we came to the women’s sleeping quarters.

Though the other young women were all dressed in fancy attire with their hair done up in beautiful styles, they still appeared to me as little girls who were scared, and who missed their parents just as much as I missed mine. We didn’t speak much to each other; we just sat there, quietly waiting in the dimly lit room.

I asked one of the girls, who seemed to have been there for a longer time, why everybody looked so unhappy in this palace. The girl looked too afraid to answer me and walked away. I walked up to her and softly rested my hand on her shoulder, and assured her that she didn’t need to be afraid of me.

This pretty girl looked searchingly into my eyes, and after a moment of silence she quietly whispered, “Because we never know which one of us is going to be next! When the sultan gets tired of someone, they’re not allowed to appear before him anymore, and we never know what happens to the ones who get sent away.”

I couldn’t help but draw the fearful girl into my arms. I stroked her hair, trying to comfort her. I silently prayed that I would have an opportunity to tell each of these dear girls about our wonderful King Jesus, about His unending love and care for each of us, and how He always takes care of His children and works everything out for good, as long as we love and obey Him and stay close to Him.

Before I was able to think another thought, I saw the sultan and his two counselors step into the women’s quarters. His eyes searched the room for a moment, and stopped at me. He walked over to where I was now standing, along with all the other girls, and in his brusque voice said, “Moonlight! That is your name, isn’t it? I wish to see you tonight at the dinner banquet, my counselor will escort you. Be ready!”

A chill went down my spine as I looked up at the unpleasant man. He was tall and in his mid-sixties. He had piercing green eyes and a demanding tone in his voice. For a moment I was tempted to be fearful, and I felt tears welling up in my eyes. Visions of my dear parents being taken away flashed before my eyes, as I thought of how this man was responsible for taking me from their side. Then I heard a soft whisper in my ears, “Remember what I told you, Moonlight! All things work together for good!” It was my guardian angel, assuring me that everything was going to be all right. With renewed faith and strength, I proceeded to get ready for the evening banquet.

The First Cloak

The large banquet hall was lit up with torches along the walls, and big hanging lanterns. Music was playing, dancers were moving across the floor, and in every corner servants were offering drinks to the guests. There was a heavy smell of incense in the air, mixed with the aroma of sweet wine and strange foods.

I was seated close to the sultan’s footstool. From the corner of my eye I could see that he looked on me with great approval. During the banquet I often felt his eyes coming back to me, and again I felt a chill going down my spine.

Another set of performers were called out from the back room. Colorfully dressed, beautiful girls were dancing; men were wrestling and magicians were blowing fire out of their mouths. I looked around the large banquet hall and I suddenly felt very, very alone. Everything was different and no one looked like my people. These strangers who had made their home in our country spoke differently, they dressed differently, they acted differently. Everyone looked like they didn’t have anything important or serious to think about in their lives–they all seemed so frivolous, so foolish to me.

Suddenly I hated everyone around me, and I especially disliked the big man whose eyes were constantly dwelling on me, as if I were a meal for a hungry dog. There was not a single friend around. Just then, I felt as if somebody wanted to tell me something, and again I heard the soft voice of my guardian angel speaking into my ear, “Watch out, Moonlight, watch out! These thoughts and feelings are poisonous. The Enemy of your soul is trying to defeat your mission. Now is the time to put on the first cloak of protection.”

I knew nobody else could see it, but I saw my beautiful angel handing me the cloak whereupon was written with golden letters the word “Love.” I obeyed, and quickly put the soft cloak over my shoulders. I remembered how the angel had told me that I had to take the first step for the power of the cloak to take effect. What step should I take? I wondered. Again I heard the voice, “If you can just think one loving thought about anyone in this room, you will see.”

I looked around, and began to notice each person there: The young man in the corner was trying to get the attention of some frivolous ladies around him. He was short and not so handsome, and none of the women paid any attention to him. I looked to the other side of the room and saw a young woman laughing loudly amongst a group of friends. Then I saw her turn her face, and quickly wipe a tear from her eye. I could see that she was not happy, and that she felt empty and in need of a real friend.

Oh, how my heart suddenly ached for these empty, unhappy ones. They were so lonely, though surrounded by people on every side; so rich in the ways of the world, but oh, so poor without real love and meaning to life. Then, by a miracle, I saw each of them with eyes of love.

But the sultan? How could I look at this man with loving eyes–this man who had spoken to me in such a rough, unkind voice; this man whose eyes were devouring me as if I were food on a plate–how could I look at him with eyes of love? I pulled the invisible cloak tighter around my shoulders and clung to it, knowing that this cloak was my only hope. I prayed a silent prayer, asking the Lord to show me what my next step was to be for the protective power of this cloak to take effect.

The evening went on with much noise and confusion. I turned around and looked at the sultan. To my surprise I saw a tired, worn man, and for a moment I felt compassion for him. I thought to myself how hard it must be for this man to always have to be part of this big show, day in and day out, year in and year out, with never a moment of quiet, never a moment of peace, never a moment of sincerity and warmth.

The Second Cloak

Later that night as I lay in my bed, tossing and turning, a bit of fearfulness was creeping into my heart. I was missing my loved ones, and feeling very lonely, wondering when I would ever see them again. What good could come out of all of this? I wondered. Then I heard the soft voice whisper again. “Here is the second cloak. Put it on!” I reached out my hand for the second cloak of protection, whereupon was written “Praise and Thankfulness.” I quickly pulled the soft cloak around my shoulders. Then I lay back on my pillow, and peace entered my heart.

I began thinking thoughts of thankfulness and praise. How rich I was compared to these people! I knew the truth of God’s Word. I had grown up with loving parents, a loving family that had taught me the true values of life. From the time I was young, I was surrounded with sincerity and love, and the simple joys of life. I had faith, I had hope, I had love. I had all the gifts of the Holy Spirit available to me–and now I had a mission. I had no reason to be unhappy or hopeless, I had so much to be thankful for, so much to praise my Heavenly King for. And with that thought I fell into a blissful sleep.

I was woken abruptly by somebody shaking my shoulder. One of the sultan’s counselors was standing by my bed. “The sultan has called you, and wants to see you in his chamber. He is very sick.” It took me a moment to collect my thoughts and to realize where I was and what was happening. I had been sleeping so peacefully, and had been awoken out of such beautiful dreams, but somehow I knew that this was all part of my mission. So I jumped out of bed, threw a mantle around my shoulders, and followed the counselor into the sultan’s chambers.

There he lay–the mighty sultan–tossing and turning in his bed, moaning and groaning as sweat was dripping from his forehead. He was obviously in great pain.

“You are here, Moonlight!” I heard the sultan softly mutter. “You were the only one I wanted to see. Last night at the banquet I caught a glimpse of your eyes–they were so soft and warm, and I saw something there that I have never seen before–and I could not forget it. The vision of your eyes was the only thing that I could think of. Come closer now, and let me look at you. I see there is something special about you, a special beauty, and it almost makes my pain cease.”

I stepped closer to the sultan’s bed, as I drew the cloaks of love and thankfulness tighter around my shoulders. Reluctantly, I looked into his pain-stricken eyes.

“What is this light in your eyes, Moonlight? Is it magic? Are you some kind of an enchantress (a woman who practices magic)?”

“No,” I said, “I am not, but I come from a magic Kingdom. My Heavenly King is a Magician, and there is no magic on earth that is greater than His power.”

“Your Heavenly King, you said?” The sultan looked offended. “I am the king here! I don’t want to hear about any other kings, do you understand?”

“I understand, my lord,” I said. “But you asked me and I answered you. Don’t you want me to be honest?”

“Yes, yes, of course!” the sultan said. “All my subjects must be honest. I will have no lying in my kingdom!”

The sultan looked away. It was as if he knew that he spoke only words–empty words. I thought about all the people I had seen in the banquet hall the night before, about the words I had heard there, how people had been talking amongst themselves–the unkind words they spoke, and how they mocked each other, everybody putting on false fronts to fit in.

“Oh, nonsense,” the sultan blurted out, interrupting his own silence, “I don’t understand any of what you are saying! I do not believe in your magic or your magic King, or any magic Kingdom!” The king suddenly screamed out in pain and doubled over, holding his chest, “My heart, my heart!” he gasped.

I looked around for the counselor, but everyone had disappeared. “Where are your helpers?” I asked the sultan.

“None of these people really care for me,” he said, with more desperation in his voice. “When I am weak and sick like this, and don’t have any strength, they just run off and talk behind my back. None of them truly care for me, not even one.”

I looked at this pitiful man, and was again struck with the thought of how unpleasant he looked, and how repelled (to find something distasteful) I was by him, so unbelieving and unkind. Why do I waste my time speaking to this man whose ears are closed, whose heart is closed? I will leave as well. This is of no use. This could not be part of my mission.

The Third Cloak

As I got up and turned to go, I clearly heard the whisper in my ear again, saying, “Yes, Moonlight, this is part of your mission: to show this man that the Lord’s love is true. Didn’t I tell you that love loves the unlovely, and casts a veil over countless sins? Stay by the king. Cool his burning forehead; speak soothing words to him, and then you’ll see the Lord’s magic take effect before your eyes.”

Then I heard another voice, but this voice told me that I could not care for this man, that I could not stay by his bedside and hear his mocking words–I couldn’t, I was tired. This voice reminded me that this was the man who was responsible for taking me away from my family, and having my loved ones imprisoned.–How could I love him?

Then, again, I heard the whispers in my ear. This time I knew it was my guardian angel, and I clearly recognized the difference between the sweet loving voice of my guardian angel, and the smooth, sly voice of the Enemy who had been telling me to give up. The Enemy of my soul was out to defeat this mission.

“Take the third cloak; put it on,” the voice said. I eagerly stretched out my hand and received the third cloak whereupon was written “Obedience.” I pulled the cloak over my shoulders, and as with each of the cloaks, I knew that now I had to take the first step. By now I had learned this simple truth, that the moment I obeyed and took the first step, I would receive the grace and strength to obey and take the next steps. I pulled the other two cloaks tighter around my shoulders, and I felt the love pour through me. I was thankful that I had been called to be a tool in my Lord’s hands in this way.

I stayed by the sultan’s bedside all that night, cooling his burning forehead, speaking soothing words to him and singing soft quiet songs, and so he fell into a deep and relieving sleep.

Then again I heard the whispers of my guardian angel, softly coaching me to take one more step of faith–to pray for the healing of this sick man. Just then the king tossed in his bed. He turned around, opened his eyes and looked straight at me. He moaned and groaned and cried out in pain while pressing his hands on his heart. Again, I was tempted to waver. How can I pray for this man who has such disbelief in You, Jesus? Again I heard the whispers, “Have I not told you that the prayer of faith shall save the sick?”

Yes, I thought, I could pray for the king, but would he be healed? I knew that the only kind of prayers that work wonders and miracles are the prayers of faith. What if I told him that the prayer of faith would heal him, and he didn’t get healed? What would he think about everything that I had told him about the Heavenly Kingdom and about our Heavenly Lord’s Words of love and truth? What would happen? Oh, this was so difficult!

The Fourth Cloak

I heard the whispers in my ear again, “The prayer of faith shall save the sick and the Lord shall raise him up. This is part of your mission. All things work together for good to them who love the Lord.” At that moment the king again cried out in pain. He looked as if he might die. Again I heard the voice saying, “Here! Here is the last cloak, put it on–the cloak of faith.”

I turned around, reached for the spiritual cloak and pulled it over my shoulders, and again I knew I had to take that first step. I turned again towards the king, opened my mouth, and with great effort I said, “Oh, great Sultan, may I pray for you? Can I ask my Lord and King to heal you?”

“Why would He heal me? I don’t even believe in Him,” the sultan responded.

“He would heal you,” I said passionately, “because of my love for you.”

“Your love for me?!? Why do you love me?” asked the sultan.

“Because my Heavenly King loves you. His love is divine. It never fails, it has no boundaries. May I pray for you now?”

04-4a-magic-cloaksThe sultan turned his suffering eyes towards me. “There is that soft light in your eyes again! Yes, you have something that I’ve never seen before. You have something in you that I really want, Moonlight–something magic, something real–and you care for me. Maybe there is something about that Heavenly Kingdom and your Heavenly King. I don’t have anything to lose. Yes, please pray for me.”

I pulled the cloak of faith tighter around my shoulders, laid my hands on the dying sultan’s heart and prayed. “Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for Your promises. Thank You for Your love. Thank You that You love us in spite of our mistakes, in spite of our lack of love. Dear Jesus, please touch and heal the sultan’s heart. Make it whole and fill it with Your love and Your Spirit. Help him to become part of Your Heavenly Kingdom, and show him the way to rule his kingdom with love. Dear Jesus, I pray that You will give this man a new heart, that You will take away this heart of stone that he has, this sick and unloving heart, and replace it with a new heart–one full of Your love, Spirit and compassion. In Your name, I pray.”

With these words, the sultan relaxed. He sank back into his pillow and with much wonder and surprise in his voice said, “The pain is gone! My heart … it feels new! I’m healed! I don’t understand it. I feel so different. I feel warm, I feel light.”

He looked into my eyes, and with a warm voice said, “Dear Moonlight, I want you to meet my son. He is a little older than you, and he has been heartsick for a long time. I’ve searched and searched, and found many lovely young ladies among my people, but I haven’t found anyone that suited him. He is such an unhappy young man. We have never been close, him and I, because he has often tried to convince me that I should rule my kingdom with a tender hand.

“My son spends most of his time in the stables, and he told me to learn a lesson from training horses. He said that you cannot train a horse with a heavy hand, but that you have to win his confidence, and gently and lovingly teach the horse to love and trust you. He told me to be like that with my people, but I never believed him. I thought he was weak, and I feared that he would never make a good king. But now–after this night, and the magic healing of my heart–I’m starting to believe that my son is right. Yet, he is unhappy, because he doesn’t have the full answers, which I know that you have because of what has happened tonight. Will you meet him?”

I remembered having seen glimpses of the young prince around the stables and in the garden with the children. He certainly was delightful in appearance, except for his sad and unhappy face. He had shining hair and was tall and strong. I remember thinking a couple of times that I would have liked to meet him, hoping that perhaps he would be kind and different from the rest of the people that surrounded this place, but the opportunity had not come to me yet.

The king pulled a bell-string, and after a moment a servant appeared in the doorway. “Send for the prince!” ordered the king. The servant quickly turned and disappeared in the hallway. Shortly after, the young prince appeared in the doorway. His black hair was shining like his dark eyes, and his face was comely (pleasing in appearance, attractive), but oh, so sad. I longed to be able to put a smile on it.

“You called for me, Father?” the young prince asked. “What is it you would have me do?”

04-6-magic-cloaks“My son, I want you to meet Lady Moonlight. She has revealed to me the most miraculous, wonderful secrets, and told me the most life-changing truth that I have ever heard. She prayed to her Heavenly King for my heart–and it has been healed–and more than healed: I believe that I have been given a new heart–a much softer, more caring and loving heart, and that–you must agree–is magic, and nothing less than a miracle.”

The young prince, with a surprised look of unbelief, said with a sly smile, “Yes, Father, that would be a miracle of magic.”

Gathering my courage, I spoke to the young prince. “Dear prince, I sat with your father through the night when he was very sick, and told him about my Heavenly Kingdom, my loving Jesus, and His magical powers of love. Have you ever heard about Jesus?”

“Jesus?” the prince replied. “Yes, a stable boy once told me about this Jesus, but it is not lawful to speak of Him, and this boy was expelled from the kingdom because of his stories. But here you are, sitting by my father’s bed and speaking of these same things? You must be a very brave lady.”

“I myself do not have much courage,” I replied. “But my Heavenly Father has given me magic cloaks of love and faith, so that I could tell you about His great love and His Heavenly Kingdom.

“Your father has told me the reasons for the great distance that there is between you and him, how you have tried to convince him to rule his kingdom with love and care. You are right, my dear prince. Forced obedience is not real obedience, and in the long run, the kingdom built upon such allegiance (loyalty, a commitment to serve) will crumble.”

The old sultan, who moments earlier had been in such pain, was now sitting up in his bed with a warm look on his face. He looked at me and asked with excitement in his voice, “Moonlight, does this mean that your Heavenly King and His powers of love can heal my broken kingdom just as He healed my heart?”

“Yes,” I said, turning back to the prince. “He can.” Since the prince had walked in the room, he had not taken his eyes off my face. He listened intently to every word I spoke, and his face, too, now wore a radiant smile.

The young man, who had so reluctantly come into the room, now walked up to his father’s bed and kneeled down beside it. “Dear father,” he said, “this is the happiest day in my life. I have not only regained the love of my father, but I know that our kingdom will be governed by love and care from this day on.”

The two men looked deeply into each other’s eyes. The old sultan drew the young man into his arms and said, “Son, please forgive me. I do not know how to express in words how sorry I am for all the suffering I’ve brought upon both you and my kingdom. But now, with the help of the Heavenly King of love, we can try again. We can make a difference. Will you help me?”

The young prince looked at his father with a warm smile and said, “Yes, Father, I will.” He then stood up and walked over to me and, taking both of my hands in his, looked deep into my eyes. “Moonlight, I would not have believed in the love you declare, had I not seen the miraculous change that this love has brought to pass in my father’s heart. Thank you for being willing to love us enough to bring us this message of love and healing, in spite of everything that we have done to your home and loved ones. This truly proves to me that your Jesus is truly the King of love. From the time I first heard of the power of the love of Jesus from this stable boy, I wanted so much to see this power, but I could not understand how it could be true. I had a hard time believing that a love like that existed, but now that I have heard you speak, and I have seen the sincerity in your eyes, I can only believe. Can I also have this healing power and forgiveness? Like my father, I have been hard, bitter and unforgiving. Will He forgive me?”

This time we all knelt down together, as I thanked our dear Lord for His love and mercy and His healing powers. Oh, how wonderful it all was! I could see so clearly that it had been worth it all. I thanked the Lord for sending me on this mission, and for giving me the strength and the help that I needed to accomplish the task He had given me to do. I praised Him for my Heavenly guide who whispered softly in my ear in my times of need. God’s strength was made perfect in my weakness. When I couldn’t take another step or say another word, Jesus was there with His love and His power. I thanked Jesus for the wonderful cloaks of protection that He had made available to me. I knew that without them I could not have fulfilled this mission.

Do you know that you can have these magic cloaks of protection as well? You just have to reach out your hand by faith and receive them, and then wear them faithfully. Pull them tightly around your shoulders and take the first step, and you will see miracles happen in your life. Would you like to hear the happy ending of my story? Or maybe I should say the wonderful new beginning …

The king immediately released my parents, who were happy to be able to return to their home, and overjoyed to know that I was well and safe. The next night another banquet was to be held, and the sultan asked me to pray for his strength and anointing as he gathered the members of his court together in the great hall–and there he asked their forgiveness for his wrongdoing. With a broken voice and tears in his eyes he confessed his faults to his people, telling them that he had been a hard ruler. Then he went on, with shining eyes and an excited voice, to tell them about the miracle that had happened to him–the healing of his heart–and how he had seen the light and now understood that his kingdom could only be ruled with love and understanding. He then came down from his throne, and with tears running down his face, he went along the front row from person to person and warmly embraced them, asking their forgiveness.

Then he asked me if I could lead them all in a prayer, so that they, too, could receive the love of God in their hearts. Everyone bowed their heads in prayer, and then the most wonderful banquet that had ever been held in that kingdom took place! The prince later became my loving husband, and together we helped rule the kingdom in love.

* * *

And so my mission had been fulfilled, the mission for which God had chosen me. For what reason He chose me above others I do not know–but He chose me to be the one to soften the heart of the sultan and his son. I became one with my new people, learned about the Muslim culture, and the conquering Muslims of this region came to know the saving power of Christ, following the example of their leaders.

The historians do not know this–they could not know this–for the sultans never declared their faith in Jesus openly, in order to keep the peace with their neighboring friends and allies. All history will tell you is that somehow the Christians and Muslims of Anatolia seemed to be able to live together in peace. Yet, these same people at first did all they could to persecute us Christians and they even killed some of us. It was only the Lord, Who, through His Spirit, and by working through a simple channel like me, was able to change the hearts of these people–and mine.

God, in His Own way, showed me that these people were also His children, and He loved them just as much as anybody else. He had died for these people–just as He had died for me and my people. But I had to learn this, and I thank God that I did, for those years as the wife of the young sultan were very happy years for me, and God blessed our region with peace.

– – –

The LORD hath appeared of old unto me, saying , Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with lovingkindness have I drawn thee. – Jeremiah 31: 3

The Lord your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing. -Zephaniah 3:17

I (the Lord your creator) love those who love me, and those who seek me diligently find me. – Proverbs 8:17

I love you, O Lord, my strength. The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer, my God, my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. I call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised, and I am saved! – Psalm 18:1-3

– – –

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